Jam Solutions have been successfully working both onsite and remotely for our clients since we opened for business in 2007.

Covering Oil, Gas, Geothermal, Petrochemical and Construction we have brought communication and control to the projects we have been a part of.

Our core strengths are Project Scheduling, Planning, and Management.

We can create and update schedules on your behalf so you can keep your clients informed with the progress and actively monitor critical work. All reports will have your company branding.


We support the teams we work with to gather quality information about your project.

We can then break the work into manageable steps so we better understand conflicts and bottle necks and to better sequence the work while keeping the bigger picture clearly in focus.

We do this using Work Packs, Inspection Test Plans while also walking the jobs and visualising the steps.


We build the schedule specific to your project work requirement and ensure we take it to the appropriate level so we can control the sequence and resources.

We specialise in resource management and earned value reporting to help keep your work visible, avoiding silo mentality and helping your project stay on track.


We have Project Managers who can take your projects from Initiate to Close Out.

They will help you keep focus on the critical tasks and help you keep control of your projects at every phase.

The benefits to you

We can provide statistics to show all aspects of the work we do for you, helping you to summarise and control your work. With the option of remote work, you pay for what you get and your headcount isn’t affected.

Jam Solutions Service

We are committed in supporting you to get the best information you can so to make the right decisions for your business. We will work with you to get your specific requirements met.

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