Strategic Advisement

Optimising your operations involves more than just a routine. Establishing a robust schedule empowers you to wield cost control, streamline workforce management, and secure top-tier contractors well in advance.

Precision Listening

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions; we don't deal in templates. We engage in active listening to comprehend your unique challenges, crafting tailored strategies that not only resolve your immediate issues but also propel your business forward.

Continuous Engagement

We don't rest on our laurels. Instead, we perpetually strive for excellence, embracing a dynamic state of improvement in our collaboration with you. Every lesson learned is seamlessly integrated into your processes, ensuring a perpetual cycle of enhancement.

Innovative Problem-Solving

It's not just in our name; it's ingrained in our ethos. Partnering with your team, we delve deep to unearth optimal solutions tailored to your specific needs, fostering efficiency and success in your business operations.

Expertise Assurance

Confidence is born from experience, and we bring a wealth of it to the table. Whether grappling with Scheduling, Planning, Maintenance Management, or System and Resource Management challenges, our seasoned team is poised to address your concerns with finesse.

Proven Track Record

Our accomplishments speak volumes. Through our unwavering commitment to making our clients' lives easier, we've built a track record that stands as a testament to our dedication. By fostering impactful communication, we consistently deliver results that have positively impacted teams across New Zealand, earning the trust of some of Aotearoa's most renowned companies.


Don't just prepare – prepare like a pro! We offer unparalleled support with a comprehensive work planning/work pack structure that guarantees success.

Why risk leaving your core team stretched thin with the daily plant operations? Let us take the lead in meticulous planning, utilizing our expert team to ensure your turnaround or shutdown is a resounding success. Your team remains fully engaged by overseeing and supervising the seamless execution carried out by our seasoned professionals.

Our full suite of services includes:

Task Mastery:
We provide a completed task list and resource profiles tailored for specific tasks. Easily integrate them into your MMS system post-execution, setting you up for future triumphs.

Work Pack Precision:
Breakdown barriers to success with a fully detailed work pack. Essential information flows seamlessly to all trades involved, ensuring the cohesive completion of the project.

Schedule Supremacy:
Elevate your planning with a detailed level 4/5 schedule, meticulously resourced to guarantee optimum efficiency and timely execution.

Progress Powerhouse:
Stay in the know with our bespoke dashboard reports. From Actual vs. Planned to Critical Path, Free Float, CPI, and SPI reports – we've got you covered. Experience progress reporting at its finest!

Gear up for a turnaround like never before – where precision meets performance, and success is not just a goal but a guarantee!



Project Scheduling

Harnessing a robust scheduling strategy empowers you to wield cost containment, optimise workforce efficiency, and proactively secure contractual arrangements with precision and foresight.

Leveraging our seasoned project schedulers, we delve into the intricacies of intricate projects, delivering precise schedules as your operational blueprint.

Our schedules are not just timelines; they are fortified with strategic contingency planning, seamlessly incorporating measures for unforeseen events like those arising from the complexities of Covid-19.

The Significance of a Dynamic Schedule

Real-Time Progress Tracking:
Stay in the know about how you and your team are advancing in alignment with your meticulously planned objectives.

Resource Optimization:
Effectively manage resources within the projected framework, potentially optimizing workforce allocation and strategically phasing out contractors ahead of schedule.

Data-Driven Insights:
Beyond project completion, your dynamic schedule provides invaluable actual data, seamlessly integrated into your Maintenance Management System. This continuous feedback loop ensures your system evolves and improves based on real-world project experiences.

Project Planning

We collaborate with you to craft a project plan that isn't just a document – it's a roadmap to success that you can steadfastly adhere to. Our commitment ensures that every decision you make is backed by reliable insights, fostering a profound sense of trust in the predictability and efficacy of your project execution.

Elevated Project Precision:
Experience clarity like never before with our cutting-edge project planning template, meticulously designed to unveil distinct stages and pinpoint bottlenecks, offering unparalleled visibility and comprehensive comprehension.

Your project plan transcends the ordinary – it's a dynamic roadmap featuring a dependable timeline and a trustworthy budget, providing a solid foundation for your endeavors.

Unleashing the Power of Prudent Planning

Early Contractor Engagement:
Propel your project forward by securing contractors at the outset, setting the stage for seamless collaboration and timely progress.

Conflict Anticipation and Mitigation:
Identify potential conflicts between work fronts and resource allocation in the early stages, enabling proactive mitigation strategies and safeguarding against disruptions.

Team Alignment and Goal Direction:
Foster a unified team approach by aligning all members with a shared project goal. Our upfront planning serves as the compass guiding your team toward success, ensuring everyone is on the same trajectory.


Avoid squandering valuable time and financial resources on unnecessary specialist allocations. Streamline your operational efficiency by allocating resources precisely where they are truly indispensable.

Revolutionizing Resource Dynamics

Experience the power of our proactive resource management methodology that ensures you access the right resources precisely when your project demands them. Our comprehensive nationwide plan offers unprecedented visibility, steering clear of any clashes in resourcing across various projects.

The Significance of Resource Management

Efficiency Maximization:
Unlock peak operational efficiency by strategically managing resources, ensuring they are deployed at optimal times and in alignment with project needs.

Fatigue Mitigation:
Safeguard your team's well-being by proactively managing workloads, preventing burnout, and optimising resource utilization to maintain sustainable productivity levels.

Bottleneck Identification:
Our resource management system is designed to pinpoint and address bottlenecks swiftly, preventing disruptions and ensuring a seamless flow of resources throughout your projects.


Maintain a cutting-edge record of your maintenance activities, ensuring you stay steps ahead by proactively planning for upcoming maintenance tasks. Our technical approach guarantees that your maintenance strategy remains ahead of the curve, effectively preventing potential disruptions and maximising operational uptime.

Unleash the Power of Precision Maintenance Management

Immerse yourself in the realm of comprehensive maintenance management plans that not only facilitate the seamless execution of planned maintenance but also empower you to continue uninterrupted work on other fronts.

The Crucial Role of Accurate Maintenance Management Systems

Time-Saving Precision:
Streamline your planning and scheduling processes with accuracy, saving invaluable time and ensuring a well-orchestrated operational cadence.

Asset History Audit Trail:
Navigate the intricate history of your assets effortlessly, thanks to a robust Maintenance Management System that meticulously logs and tracks every crucial detail, facilitating informed decision-making.

Resource and Budget Forecasting:
Harness the predictive prowess of our system to forecast resource needs and budget requirements, enabling proactive planning and strategic allocation for optimal operational efficiency.



Sign up for the free NZ-wide Plan

Keep connected and informed with our NZ-wide Schedule, simply identifying key projects and outages nationwide. This tool not only keeps you connected but also enhances resource optimisation, elevating your operational efficiency to new heights.



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