Whether you are operating in Auckland, Abu Dhabi or Aberdeen, our team based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, can ensure your productivity continues round the clock. We will update your plans remotely, producing S-curves, GANTT charts, resource tables, forecasts and other reports, while you get on with the job at hand. No desk space, IT hardware, software or travel risk required.

Update us at any level

  • Red-pen documents
  • Use our templates
  • Access your system directly
Stay in touch

Liaise with us using the latest communication mediums:

  • Video Conference
  • Document share
  • Internet phones
  • Email
  • Text
  • Messenger
Progress reporting

  • S curve Cost/Schedule/Resource
  • Forecast
  • All levels of Scheduling and Planning, using MS Project or Primavera P6-V8
  • Round-the-clock cover if needed, providing you with 24/7 support
The benefits to you

We can provide statistics to show the saving of head count. Pay for what you get. You will start your day with an updated schedule. This is especially important if you work a 24/7 operation.

Jam Solutions Services

Review them at the breakfast table, before taking them into your first meeting of the day.

No desk space, IT hardware/software or travel risk required. No requirement to source and train specialist Oil & Gas experienced resource(s). With proven communication methods, we can make significant savings to your budgets while ensuring your schedules stay on track.

If your operations run 24/7, why should your reporting process be restricted to office hours? Your night shift supervisor is able to report activities completed, milestones achieved, resources reallocated, tasks rescheduled, and we can update the plan to reflect these before your office doors open.

Quantified Benefits

Optimised Resource Management0%

Overhead Cost saving0%

Effective Communication0%

About Jam Solutions

Jam Solutions was founded in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 2007. With clients ranging from the Oil & Gas and engineering industries to the agricultural sector, Jam Solutions has a proven track record within New Zealand and beyond as the go-to planners for all your planning requirements:

• Shutdowns & turnarounds
• Major projects
• Integrated planning
• Maintenance planning
• Continuous survey planning
• Writing planning procedures

We have also established a nationwide shutdown & turnaround plan, to keep New Zealand major industries informed and enable them to coordinate timing of resource availability, maximizing efficiency.

If you need a planner, we can provide one on-site or remotely. Using Primavera, MS Project and Prometheus, our planners can maintain your plans from your place or ours.

Contact Jam Solutions to discover how you don’t have to be present to be productive.

S curve Cost/ Schedule/ Resource

We provide S-Curve reports tailored to your needs, so you can accurately monitor progress in terms of cost, schedule, resources or activities.


We liaise with your staff and contractor companies to accurately estimate completion dates, budgets, personnel requirements, optimizing and future-proofing your productivity.

Scheduling and Planning

We cover all stages of building and managing your plans:

• identifying all activities necessary to complete the project
• determining the sequential order of activities
• assigning resources and planned durations
• determining the start and finish dates of each activity
• baselining, recording progress and rescheduling

24/7 support

We offer round-the-clock cover if needed, updating your plans day and night and providing you with 24/7 support.